Inspirational modern architecture with classical features – timeless and yet modern, stunning and unique. Combined with sophisticated interiors and an unobstructed view across the Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal, LITE Berlin opens the door to an entirely new way of living. Welcome to your new life.

Beauty in the details: The way the modern approach to space and openness simultaneously creates a welcoming intimacy. The way the light moves through the apartment over the course of the day, highlighting different facets. The way the materials, transitions between areas, and visual relationships are harmoniously brought together. Each detail has been considered and designed with care.


  • 64 apartments for sale
  • 3 building entrances
  • Lift extending from underground parking area to top floor
  • Two- to four-room aparments (approx. 42 – 120 m²)
  • Selection of barrier-free apartments
  • Bicycle parking in the underground parking area and outside the building
  • Underground parking with 23 spaces and car lift
  • E-mobility charging station can be fitted at every parking space
  • District heating
  • Smart-Home features

The conscious incorporation of clean lines and natural light give LITE Berlin’s architecture an attractive contemporary elegance. Vertical and horizontal lines clearly define the facade’s structure, which is opened up by a series of inviting loggias. These transitions between exterior and interior environments define the architecture, creating a well-rounded and distinctive whole with a sophisticated feel.

LITE Berlin is situated on Lydia-Rabinowitsch-Strasse, directly
alongside the Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal. And it is here that a new and desirable location is emerging, at the heart of Berlin-Mitte and Europacity – in these increasingly international surroundings with a unique urban atmosphere. Whether you’re new to the city, returning after time away, or someone who’s been searching for the right spot for some time, LITE Berlin is a place where you can finally settle, feel at home, and enjoy your new lifestyle.


A coherent design language that radiates permanence while reflecting the present is inspirational and displays intrinsic value. Berlin is internationally regarded as a city in a constant state of flux and revolution, and the Mitte district as the melting pot for all these exciting and enriching changes. This increases the presence of – and demand for – original architectural ideas and carefully curated interiors, the defining features of modern urban living. LITE Berlin takes this craving for sophistication to its natural conclusion, creating unique and striking architecture inspired by classical design features.

LITE Berlin is divided into three attractive units, each accessed via separate entrances: Two sevenstorey towers (north and south) are connected via a three-storey central section, of which the roof provides space for beautiful terrace areas for the apartments here. The loggias of every apartment are discreetly integrated inside the vertical and horizontal bands that give structure to the building’s entire facade. Floor-to-ceiling windows permit the unusual flow of light as it transitions from the outside to the indoors. Combined with carefully placed shading elements, this is what gives LITE Berlin its sleek, stylish, and simultaneously distinctive overall appearance.